Creative Targets in SEO Link Building

Link building is single most important strategy for effective search engine optimization. With tons of websites being added to the World Wide Web everyday, it is very important to keep your website popular by creating high value back links. Beginners commit very obvious mistakes in their link building practices which can be easily avoided if one follows the recommendations. Get a link from a non-commercial website – Your website’s ranking will have great boost if you can get a link from non-commercial websites domains. These links are very important for a high page rank now. Links from an article submitted to article directory – You can submit your high quality articles to several free article directories on web. Some of them have strict recommendation for writing rules.

seopositioning link building

One-way link building

Here one site gets a link on another website due to the quality and usability purpose and not for the business purpose. The website whose link is posted need not provide exchange link of the site on which it is posted. Many online businesses find writing articles and doing videos to be very time consuming work. However to be successful online you really need to make this a part of your marketing plan. Create a daily blog with links to your website. Provide helpful information related to the products that you sell or promote on your sit. The next link building SEO tips have to do with social networks. You should have enough confidence in your products or the ones that you are promoting to encourage your friends and family to buy them. Fortunately with today’s technology there are many ways an online business can use this strategy with much less effort than in years past.

Manual social bookmarking is an important link building technique

Manual submission of your website on various social book marking sites is an efficient way of getting one way traffic and target visitors to your business site. A very powerful technique used by internet savvy marketers is submitting articles and videos. This information is content and must be about your product or niche with a link pointing back to your URL. Find related websites and offer to trade space. You allow the website owner to put a link on your site. He allows you to put a link on his. When the article or video is submitted to an appropriate directory this will in turn create another URL. SEO manual submission is the ideal and the most convenient way to get you site indexed on popular search engines.

Reciprocal link building

Another widely used strategy of link building is ‘reciprocal link building’. Here there is link exchange between two websites on one to one basis. But one has to be careful in choosing the reciprocal partners, as fraud webmasters can take undue advantage of it. It is not unusual for many online businesses today to do most of this marketing in-house. Using available software and a clear organized strategy many online marketers create all their own content and use this link building strategy effectively. Link building in 2010 is vital in your SEO, so take a minute or two to think about your strategy. Write informational articles and post them at EzineArticles, Amazine or Go Articles, three of the top article directories online. Posting is free and each of the ezines allows back-links in the body and in the article box. Out with the old, and in with the new is the message, and the clear moral of the story is be nice to those search engines.

Triangular OR three way link exchange

Here there is one-way link exchange between three websites. For example- site X gives link to site Y, site Y to site Z and site Z to site X. Thus all three sites have one-way links. For those of you that are interested in learning more about traffic generation, submitting articles, videos and links our website has more, much more free information available. The key to online business success is, knowing market strategies and how to use them effectively.

Article submission

Article submission in various articles directories is a sure shot method to build effective link building of your website. Posting your content articles to different article submission websites is an essential technique to boost the position of your site in the results pages of search engines. This may be a tedious and wearisome task if you complete it manually. You can write one article per day or as much as you want and do directory submission of articles. I submit my articles to what I consider to be the best article submission sites. It is very time-consuming to do article submission so you have to be choosy with the sites you will use to publish your article. Submission can be done in many directories altogether, where one-way links are given to your site from the articles.